One day

You’re gonna die.

And it’s going to be sad.

But also.

It’s going to be rad.

Because you’re just a tiny ball of energy.

Born into earth with a face, given a name, and earned a personality.

And you grow into a brighter flame with every friend you make, and every stranger you meet.

Once you’ve experienced all Earth has to offer you

Your Earth body is going to grow old and tired

And you, medium-sized ball of energy, are going to need to take a nap.

So one day,

You’re going to take a really good nap. 
You’re going to take a nap so long and so great, that your friends and family back on Earth will miss you and tell stories about what a fantastic and humble ball of energy you were.

And when you’re ready to wake up, your flame is going to grow bigger and brighter, ready to tackle the new day. 
And you’ll get out of bed, and want to explore the universe.

After all, you’re now a mighty ball of energy, you can do whatever you want.

Up, floating around in space, there are tons of others just like you, and plenty that are not!

There are young balls of energy floating around, old ones, purple ones, rainbow ones, sparkly ones, all that you could imagine!

But, the cool thing, is up here, everyone is friendly. And everyone gets along.

You can ask the other energies questions about where they came from, and where they just woke up from. 
And they’ll tell you their adventures. About the other worlds they came from. About the lives they’ve lived, all 2,841 of them.

Because in Universe #5.42941: Galaxy #181, Milky Way; Planet #3: Earth, well, this is just one life. 
You have many, many to live after this one, that is, if you want to.

So enjoy every moment as much as you can here on little ol’ Earth. Live as many different lives as possible, see every piece of art, experience every emotion, learn every detail, and love every part. 
Because you’ll need a good story to tell up there.

I’ve always wanted to write children’s books.