Robots are This Generation’s “Job Stealing Immigrants”

Author’s Note: Just want to clarify in advanced, my intention is to not downplay racism. It’s a horrific, horrific daily and ongoing problem that millions of people have to suffer through each day, mostly out of complete and utter ignorance from others (like myself, clearly).

Remember how gran-pa-pa used to drop little racial slur-bombs in his speech from time to time? That certain phrase for Japanese people that will get you stared out of a restaurant nowadays. Whenever it’d purposefully fall out of his dentured mouth, you’d get all wide-eyed and try not to look on with embarrassment. Ah, nostalgic.

And remember how Uncle John used to get a little mad at how the immigrants are stealing blue collar jobs by doing it faster, better, and cheaper than him? And how he’d throw in a little racial slur or two when he’d get drunk at the dinners we’d invite him to? And how you’d get all wide-eyed and try not to look on with embarrassment. Ah, 5 years ago.

And remember how I keep saying the robot lords are making their way into this country (and the world), and people are gonna be jaded as fuck when they realize their hourly is going to take a dive and the job market is going to get increasingly more competitive, leaving people in a limbo of being angry/anxious because they won’t be able to afford the lifestyle they used to have while being overly stressed thinking there’s something wrong with them when they can’t find a job that gives them 40 hours per week because we’re systematically conditioned to think we’re supposed to do that.

Go back to where you came from!!!

Here’s the thing —

The best part of this is that all races are going to hate the robots (and rich people, unless they start shelling out cash to fix the world), and we’ll finally have a united front of anger and resentment toward something that’s not based on any human quality (gender, race, religion, language (unless it’s COBOL!!) heh heh)

So, here we go, the robots are gonna fix everything, because Uncle John is going to be in the same underemployment line as his frenemy José. They’ll both look at each other from afar, mouth the words “fuckin’ putes” and simultaneously roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, laugh a little, and then carry on with being angry.

Ah, the human connection.

With love & anger management,

Jess Churchill is a writer-and-human-in-progress. About eight months ago, she gave up on the system in place and has been searching for one that makes sense, so she moved to Bulgaria and is watching the West implode from afar. She started questioning everything about life and decided to do what any troubled human being would, start an advertising agency that does 100% pro bono work for non-profits. Catch her on Instagram making a fool out of herself and posting some terrible art.