The Truth about Packaging Design

We love, love, FUCKING LOVE!!!!! when something has beeeauuutiful packaging design. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we all get insanely giddy when our unboxing experience is unexpectedly better than a crisp Christmas morning.


Gorgeous right?

The time and effort, thought and skill it took to create such a carefully crafted, ridiculously specific experience is something that I love to rave about :)

I mean, look how tight that 4-panel fitted mold is. Design boner.

Now, truth be told, this is probably just a mock up and didn’t go to production (there are a lot that do), but if it had been, let’s look at what involved in this is actually product.

See the little strips of brown in the red? Yeah so everything else is, yeah you guessed it..


I liken packaging to very well-made graffiti. Companies basically just put their name (logo) on it, and after that, it’s ruined.

Very rarely do people keep packaging around, how many boxes out of all the things you have ever bought is currently in your possession? How many times have you spent unlabeling a jar so you can keep it around? To be fair, some of us have, but the majority of us — neh.

We unbox, get a little orgasm, and then put most of it directly into the garbage without a second thought. Now times your experience by 7 billion. That’s a lot of well-designed garbage.

So, for one jar of honey, you have about 90% landfill. Neat!

Lookee all dat packaging

And hey — I’m not here to criticize, rather point some things out so we can get better moving.

For instance, almost every single packaging designer has spent the majority of their time and energy thinking about the initial part of the execution. But what about the second half?

Sometimes there’s a comeback in the second half.

Let’s just take a moment to think about it.


With love & perpetual design boners,