Evoking wisdom and insight through hands-on design thinking tools

When traveling through Asia on a sabbatical, interviewing high-achieving women, a familiar thread began to emerge. While tapping and holding their lower abdomen they would say to me,

“You see, Jessica, any big decision I have to make comes from right here, from my gut.”

Certainly, they had spreadsheets of…

Harvesting our Inner Wisdom by Letting our Fingers do the Talking

When you fidget, what is your body doing?

And what, exactly, is doing that?

Is it you? Is it your head brain? Is it your gut brain?

At Darte Design, we’ve been prototyping ways of using clay (not Play-Doh) as more than just a fidget toy: it serves us as…

Jessica Artiles

Founder and Chief Design Officer at www.Darte.Design, Community, Culture, and Capacity Building Junkie

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