Hacking the Tower at ETHDenver

Crypto Art at the Daniels and Fisher Clocktower

Jessica Angel
Feb 15 · 1 min read

As part of the Denver Theatre District’s Night Lights Denver Program, artists from the #ArtProject Decentralized community, and the general blockchain space, were invited to submit their video art, and images in motion to be projected onto the clock tower in downtown Denver. This is the compilation of the selected artworks projected at night hours during the ETHDenver week!

Confirmed Showtimes:

Thursday February 13th: 9:15pm — 12:00am
Saturday February 15th 9:15pm — 12:00am


Daniels & Fisher (D&F) Tower
1600 Arapahoe Street

Artists and Artworks [Length in brackets]

1) Gala Mirissa — “Untitled” [2:10]
2) Bård Lonson — “Decentralized Culture Lost” [1:19]
3) Skyler Fly-Wilson — “Le Voyage Dans La Lune” [4:04]
4) Julio Smitter — “Enter Dimensions 2” [2:35]
5) Matt Kane — “Right Place & Right Time: Bitcoin” [3:26]
6) Brad Damico — “Ok01” [1:00]
7) Godfrey Meyer — “Clock Tower” [1:30]
8) Hexeosis — “hx_7cTW12” [1:23]
9) INDOLESTIC — “New Genesis” [0:35]
10) INDOLESTIC — “Flip” [0:36]
11) BKDF — “HashScan” [2:39]

Total length of show: 21:17

Special tanks to David Moke from the Night Lights Denver Program for carefully testing each video over the tower prior to final selection.

Jessica Angel

Written by

Visual Artist exploring blockchain. www.JessicaAngelArts.com

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