I want to share a few thoughts on how I paid off over 6-figures of debt with ease, alignment and flow by no longer making it mean anything.

I had probably close to $150,000 in debt for several years and the more I focused on trying to pay it off, the more it went nowhere.

Even if I was thinking about “paying off debt”, which seems positive, I really was just thinking “debt, debt, debt” on repeat… and what we think, we create.

The biggest shifts happened when I stopped thinking about the debt and decided it would just take care of itself. I would live my life as if it weren’t a big deal. I wouldn’t cut back or “try to make extra money for the debt”. I would just get on with my life knowing that as I shifted into no longer being someone who energetically resonated at the frequency of “debt” that it would just get paid off and take care of itself.

I released the need to pay off the debt in order to feel like I could move forward. And by doing so the debt took care of itself.

Debt is fascinating.

Everything in our lives is just stories we tell ourselves and these stories are either empowering us or disempowering us.

The story that most people tell themselves about debt is very disempowering. Some common beliefs that the general public has around debt are that debt is very bad, credit cards are bad, loans are bad and paying interest on credit cards should be avoided. These stories are deeply rooted in shame.

Wealthy people have more of a positive attitude and mindset around it. They will use debt as a way to create more opportunities and more wealth.

When you approach debt, my suggestion is to think of it as choosing to pay something off for a longer period of time instead of immediately. Getting into debt doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It can simply mean that you’re leveraging your current situation to get access to support and resources to grow. This can mean investing in your education, starting a business or making a bigger impact on the world.

When you start to look at debt that way, it just becomes a great tool that’s readily available to you so why not use it?

I personally used credit cards, coupled with a wealthy person mindset to start a business when I didn’t have the means to do it on my own.

If you’ve been beating yourself up over having debt, I want to offer a different approach — imagine who you would be without the debt and start being that version of yourself now.

To become this person, be aware of your energy, thoughts and feelings first because these will affect your actions and your actions affect your physical reality. If your energy, thoughts and feelings are negative around debt, they will tend to keep you in a constricted and fearful state. This will keep you from opportunities to allow more money in.

If someone is feeling shameful and fearful around having debt, they’re in a fear-based state which means that they are blocking any opportunities that will move them forward.

If the debt were already paid off, people automatically start feeling happier, freer and more confident. We have the ability to tap into those feelings and emotions right now and when we do, the actions we take change as well. So this isn’t just about manifestation. When you think differently, you act differently and the results you get are vastly different as well!

The practical steps that I personally took were making sure that I paid my credit card bills every month. My husband and I set up notifications to let us know when a payment was due and we made it a point to at least pay the minimum amount every month, with the intention that we would pay more.

We didn’t make debt mean anything.

Now, that doesn’t mean we sat there and manifested the debt going away. We made the payments. We made sure we weren’t behind.

The point is to have a relationship with money.

Get intimate with your finances — know what the debt is, know the interest rates and when payments are due. Call your credit card companies and ask them to lower interest rates or give you a break — stay connected to your money situation.

Be the version of you who trusts herself, who knows she’s good with money, that everything is always working out for her and that there’s literally no mistakes she’s made around money or will make. Money is a lovely tool she can trust herself with.

Adopt an overall softness and relaxed, joyful, even neutral energy at the thought of money. I invite you to try this all on and if it feels good, why not live this way in this energy for the next few days, maybe even the rest of the month, if not longer.

To trusting yourself with money, feeling completely relaxed around debt and creating real wealth from ease.

Founder of ToLivingFree, which is dedicated to helping visionaries get rich by doing their soul work to change the world. Connect via IG: @jessicacaverlindholm