2017.06.15 Colombia Mission- Day 5

Today was much chiller than the days before. We only had fewer than 10 surgeries, and that gave us a total of 60 in 4 days. For some reason the hospital wanted us to use another OR on the other side, so we had to move all of our supplies yesterday. What’s inconvenient was that we only had 1 OR today. There were always 2 surgeries going on at the same time in 1 OR, so it was super crowded. It was better if the other volunteers and I helped outside the OR. In the afternoon, there really wasn’t much for us to do because the number of people in the OR has reached its capacity. So I went around the town with three other people. We hadn’t even had time to see the town!

After we got back to the hospital, several people came down to say good bye to me. Alejandro’s family came. We took a picture together. They asked if we could keep in touch. Of course. Then, Nestor David’s mother came to give me a pair of earrings. I was so touched that I cried. It was a gift that contained so much meaning.

We packed up and officially left the hospital at around 7pm. There was a closing ceremony in the resort. Beto and Ahalia and two other representatives of the Rotary Club said thank you and gave out some recognitions.

We had a party. People sang and danced and drank and ate. It was fun, but I didn’t know how I felt. I wasn’t really in the mood to party. Yes I did sing and dance and drink and eat, but I was just trying to do what everyone else was doing, so I wouldn’t look anti-social or weird. After all these exhausting days, I just wanted to chill in my room, recover from the exhaustion, and spend some time digesting what I’ve experienced. I went back to my room, but Bella was there with a bunch of other people. Oh well sure, so I left and went back. I wondered when I could really have a good night sleep for more than at least 6 hours because we had to leave early tomorrow for Bucaramanga, and again the day after tomorrow for Bogota.