The Formula for Intentions You Can Stick To

Are you an active participant in your life? Does the concept of setting intentions or goals excite you, or do you shy away and prefer to live in the day to day as it unfolds? Or perhaps somewhere in between, depending on your mood?

Actively participating in your journey is choosing to call your power back. If you’ve set goals in the past, just to feel added stress of keeping up with them or the heavy guilt of potential failure is a strong no for your perfectionist mindset, keep reading.

Intentions or goals don’t work when they don’t come genuinely from you. When they aren’t aligned to what you actually want for yourself. Consider this: you have wanted to lose (and keep off!) 10 pounds for several years. You try new ways of eating and exercise routines just to revert back to your old ways. Ingrained patterns are real and can run deep — so for a realistic, lasting breakthrough — we need to go deep.

Why do you want to lose those 10 pounds? What is your motivation? Does your motivation come from a core desire of yours, one that is bigger than the 10 pounds? What does it look and feel like to achieve this goal? Do you believe you are worthy of this feeling?

Don’t skip this part. For an intention to be acted upon, we need to get a bit uncomfortable and do some inner work. I see this time and time again — your mindset is vital.

Now, grab your pen and paper! Here is the formula:

Intentional Living = Values — Old Stuff + Intentions + Action Steps

  1. Define your values. Chose no more than 5
  2. Clear space: get rid of the physical, mental and emotional clutter that you know you don’t need
  3. Create your intentions
  4. Designate action steps (milestones or goals) to reach which align to your intentions

I talk so often about intentional living because in doing so, you know the direction of the path you are taking. Consciously deciding where you are going empowers you to participate in your life actively. What is important to you? Then ask yourself if this direction makes sense; if not, iterate. Once you have clarity on your why, the what and how become easier. It no longer feels like a chore. Rather, it is a source of vitality and excitement, the feeling you have while working towards a dream.

To avoid this as a one-time exercise, continually revisit your reflection and iterate when needed. The above steps are continuous; dedicate time each week or month to come back to your writing and check-in.

And don’t forget to let me know how this works for you!




I help corporate professionals create optimal health through a lifestyle of sustainable wellness. Holistic Health Coach + Founder @bestillholisticwellness

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Jessica Cygan

Jessica Cygan

I help corporate professionals create optimal health through a lifestyle of sustainable wellness. Holistic Health Coach + Founder @bestillholisticwellness

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