What will the future hold

In the 1970’s school segregation was very well recognized by the public due to the Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg case that took place in 1971 where “the court held that busing was an appropriate remedy for the problem of racial imbalance in schools”. (Swann v Charlotte-Mecklenburg) The public didn’t agree so much with this idea because they felt that it would cause more problems due to the fact that these students were coming from all different cities.

A story I read when I was researching about segregation mentioned about how in 1997 a parent named William Capacchione, “sued the school system when his daughter was denied entrance into a magnet school for the second time based on her race”.(Swann v Charlotte-Mecklenburg) The public didn’t want to see a lot of violence and they thought that with all the different races that their would be a lot of clashing. Judges in courts also just didn’t approve the concept of busing.The idea of busing was transporting people from different parts of the cities to the same school.

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According to the article “Divided we fail” they had mentioned “California’s courts were among the first to hear arguments detailing the harms of school segregation for minority students, and to rule against the practice as it involved Latino students”.

On the other side of this argument many groups of people thought that it would bring more people together and that their would be less problems but many of the articles that I had read talked about the negative things that come with it.

In my personal experience today I didn’t go a school that had students bussing but my younger brother did. He went to a public magnet middle school which was located in the middle of Mar Vista and Santa Monica. I talked to my family about how they felt about this and my brother had said that it wasn’t one of the greatest ideas that the school could have . He felt that the students that were being bussed were causing much trouble in the classrooms and they weren’t as focused on school as they should be.He personally didn’t feel that the bussing system was helping them. My parents opinion about this was the fact that the students that were being bussed were able to attend a better school then they would have if they didn’t have this opportunity. I feel that in the schools around my area this was a common thing. Many magnet schools around my area did this and it was a positive light for some schools and a very negative light for others.