Life lessons from a chair…

As we walk through this life transition, I’m thinking a lot about faith and trust. Selling our house is probably one of the highest “stressors” right now because 1. We have to sell it to relocate to Dallas. 2. We can’t buy a new place until we do. 3. We don’t want to pay rent and a mortgage. And 4. We don’t really want Mike to commute back and forth for a long time. There would be all kinds of challenges in THAT!

And while it’s a potential source of fear and anxiety and impatience, I am determined NOT to go there! I will NOT live worrying about it, frustrated every time a showing doesn’t produce an offer, or feeling desperate.

I’m choosing to activate my faith that God has called us to McKinney, and that He will provide a buyer. I’m standing in faith that He is positioning us to be where we are supposed to be, when we’re supposed to be there. I believe He knows the house we need in Dallas, and we have to be ready at the right time so we will find it. Perhaps the people who are going to buy our house are just finding out that they are moving to Longview or deciding to purchase a bigger home for their growing family. God is in control. This is His world, His plan, His purpose. We’re just a part of it. It’s not about us or even our comfort.

I’m choosing faith not fear! And believing abundantly in Gods goodness and provision. I also just “happen” to be in the middle of Priscilla Shirer’s study, “The Armor of God” and I read this today and about shouted “Hallelujah!”

“Faith does not focus on the quantity or quality of human belief. It focuses on how trustworthy, true and loyal the object of that belief has proven Himself to be.”

She then demonstrated the point with the analogy of sitting in a chair- “Whether or not a chair can hold my weight has nothing to do with how much faith I have. I could possess all the faith in the world, but my faith doesn’t make the chair any more strong or sturdy. So increasing my faith is not necessary, but becoming better acquainted with the strength of the chair is.

If you are struggling to move forward in obedience to God, you do not need bigger faith. You just need to realize how big your God is. the more faithful and strong you believe him to be, the more willing you will be to depend on Him.

Your level of faith will always be tied to your perception of God. You don’t need more faith; you need a more comprehensive and accurate view of the faithfulness of your God.

Our action or inaction is a litmus test that gives us an accurate reading of what we believe to be true about God. We may feel like we have very little faith, and yet still be a woman of strong faith because we choose to move forward despite what we feel.

So we can never detect our level of faith by how we feel, only by what we’re willing to do in obedience to God. As you proactively remind yourself of how faithful and reliable your God truly is, you’ll become more willing — even excited- about actually relying on Him.”

Wow! Wow! THAT IS TRUTH! And I’m finding that. As I deliberately choose faith in God, it’s becoming exciting and fun to feel Him hold me up and to watch for His hand at work. It’s kinda like that’s how He meant it to be….

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