“I am positioned.” This small phrase has made a huge difference in my life…

For much of my life, circumstances have had a lot of control over me. I didn’t realize this to the fullest extent until recently, because the control they have had has been more INTERNAL than external.

What I mean by that is that I have done pretty well at identifying my priorities for how I use my time, getting things done, and not letting my days be completely run by distractions and unimportant but “urgent” things. However, what I have not identified well is how often I allow circumstances to run my emotional and mental state! I let various happenings determine my level of joy, peace, confidence, purpose.

In many ways….(big swallow)….I act like a VICTIM. I hate even saying that, because a victim mentality is something I cannot stand! But I do. “Well, ____ happened, so now I’m in a bad mood.” Or, “I was planning on ______, but ______ ruined it, so now I’m upset.” Or “I really want _______, but I can’t control if _____ happens.”

Circumstances, my attitude, and God’s sovereignty are a challenging thing for me to sort out. As I started realizing how much I was letting circumstances affect my internal world, I had to figure out how all of that works together. See, I know that God allows hard times and challenges. He also gives us strength and wisdom. And our choices do impact our future. The way we handle situations impacts what happens next. God is in control, and we have free will. The dichotomy of the century, lol.

Enter the phrase, “I am positioned.” What I LOVE about this is that it affirms that EVERYTHING that happens goes through God’s hand, and is within His control. And yet, it also shifts my perspective from a “victim” of what happened, to empowered BY what happened. I decide what each circumstance means.

When something happens that doesn’t seem “good”, am I gritting my teeth and “trying to hold on” until things change? Am I discouraged and upset? Am I fearful? Wondering “why did God allow this”?

Not anymore. I’m learning to make a MUCH better choice — believing and speaking out that I am positioned to be right where God wants me to be in ALL situations. I affirm my responsibility to respond appropriately, with anticipation to see what God is up to!

This mental shift has made a HUGE difference for me. Especially in this time of change and uncertainty! I’m not worrying and stressed about what’s going to happen, I am confident that I am positioned RIGHT where God wants me so that I can learn, grow, be prepared, for whatever is NEXT. And that is changing how I handle situations, my thinking, my emotional state; which then impacts how I act and what I do, which changes the situation! I get to positively impact my circumstances by trusting the hand of my God and knowing that I AM POSITIONED, right now.

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