Everyday spazziness

Ten things people with mild cerebral palsy and/or an invisible disability love to hear (FYI):

  1. “But you don’t look disabled” — Gee, thanks
  2. “But you can walk!” — Yes, yes I can, after years of painstaking physiotherapy, but thank you for acknowledging that struggle so articulately :/
  3. “But you’re not in a wheelchair” — Your powers of perception are astounding
  4. “How did you get into Cambridge?” — I guess by not having your perceptions of the relationship between intellect and long-term health conditions
  5. “Well it hasn’t affected your brain has it” — No, but me admitting this to you has clearly affected yours
  6. “How do you have sex/drive/dance/cope/live/exist?” — I mean, I could go into detail, but first, let me ask you the same?
  7. “Do/es your boyfriend/employer/friends know?” — Why do you ask?
  8. “Have you got any scars?” — Only from this conversation
  9. “Can I look at your foot/legs?” — Actually, yes. But not in the canteen…
  10. “Can I help?” — Yes. And by asking, you already have.
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