Julia: The New Character on Sesame Street

Julia is a character living with autism. In 2015 she was introduced on Sesame Street and Autism. On March 19, 2017 Julia makes her first appearance on 60 Minutes when they talk more about her. Julia appears in a series of YouTube videos in March of 2017. She also has a walk-around at The Autism Society of America’s Annual Conference in 2016 at the Sesame Workshop’s booth. Julia will be debuting in an episode of Sesame Street on April 10.

Julia performed by Stacey Gordon. Stacey is a puppet artist who has a son with autism. She knows all about autism and it’s amazing that she can take on a character with autism.

Julia is four-years-old. Her personality is like any other kid with autism. She flaps her arms in an emotional state and has difficult problems with loud noises like sirens for an instance. Julia loves to sing and can memorize lyrics better than her young peers.

Two of Julia’s friends Abby Cababby and Elmo knows that she has autism. When Big Bird first met Julia, Elmo has to explain to him about Julia. It’s actually good that someone has to explain to others about a person, especially for an individual living with autism. One time when Julia and her peers were playing a game she jumps up and down. And so her peers will say that she teaches them a new game. It’s actually interesting to me because they can truly love to play with her.

Sesame Street has some reasonably good learning experience that’s related to real life. It’s good to add Julia to the show. The reason for that is that other people, including school-aged children will read about their peers especially when they have autism.

Originally published at myjoyousfeature.wordpress.com on March 27, 2017.