Why Women Will Continue To Be Mistreated At Work
Helen Situ

Thanks Helene. Last year MLB pitcher for the Reds and later the Yankees Arnoldis Chapman was in the news for domestic violence. He was later suspended from 30 games for domestic violence charges.

However, at the moment the charges surfaced, Chapman was defended as a great guy by many MLB players.

I want to paste the exact defense from one of Chapman’s MLB managers here because I think it’s relevant to how men and women deny and blame others.

“I don’t believe reports,” Baker said Tuesday from baseball’s winter meetings in Nashville, Tennessee. “Who knows why? I’m not one to judge on how the whole thing happened. … I mean, who’s to say the allegations are true. And who’s to say what you would have done or what caused the problem.”

This isn’t a tech thing or a VR thing or an Upload thing. This is a broad cultural pattern that we are awash in.

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