Your 2.23 Miles of Racial Justice Aren’t Enough

I am tired of the news of the murder of black bodies being a trending social media topic with a two-week expiration date. Don’t get me wrong, when I saw my feed flooding with #irunwithmaud it gave me hope that he would be the name that was the turning point towards change.

But for many of us, our advocacy efforts ended with our 2.23 mile commitment. And even as names like Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Elijah McClain surface, we find ourselves cashing in that 2.23 mile run as proof of our advocacy for black lives. Because to run 2.23 miles for one black life is doable, but how much would it cost us for a lifelong marathon for the justice of all black lives?

For most people, the cost is too much.

The comfort of our white privilege lures us to cover our ears and close our eyes like a child trying to ignore the truth they don’t want to encounter. My friends, this isn’t a quick run, it’s a marathon.

So tell me this, are you still running? When another black life is murdered at the hands of the authorities that are supposed to protect us, will you still run? When the systemic structures of our country make it increasingly difficult for black men and women to not only thrive, but simply just survive in this world, will you still run? When the black voices speak out for justice while others claim they need to ‘get the facts’, will you still run? When people of color are overlooked and undervalued, will you still run?

Because to #runwithmaud means to show up daily. If you don’t, those 2.23 miles meant nothing.


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