Some common stuff every E-commerce do for their new users.

Every online e-commerce has many tricks upon its sleeves to attract its clients. The main reason behind it is the deep competition in the online fraternity. Therefore, there is some common stuff every E-commerce do for their new users. Basically, one really can’t succeed until unless he attracts more new clients to his e-business. Of course, it can be easier to do if one follows the below listed points to get lots of traffic without spending a huge budget on it. To attract old and new users the e-commerce stores provide 100% cashback offers, bank offers, discount codes, gift vouchers etc. So, let’s have a look at it

  1. Store design- To attract more clients and to retain them online one need to have a great online store. The store should be practical yet aesthetically designed, flaunting merchandises attractively.A ugly website can put off clients pretty easily, therefore, it’s wise to design a store very nicely and it should describe the products the moment a client selects any. Navigation is another factor that increases traffic, so smooth navigation is all needed.

2. Social media- Social media is one of the networks that assist you with unrestricted elevation. Of course, if you broadcast advertisements among networks, then you need to pay otherwise your presence is massive and it leads to more traffic. Remember to post everyday about your merchandise so that clients stick to you forever, besides goods being cheap yet with high quality.

3. Wallet offers- The ecommerce stores are offering wallet offers. For example the Google wallet, Paytm, MobiKwik, Pay u quick, citrus, state bank buddy, city master pass etc that offers clients the facility to pay online.A mobile wallet, in meek terms, is a cybernetic mobile-based wallet where one can pile his cash for making both offline and online payments via mobile.. There are countless natures of mobile wallets in India, such as semi-open, open, semi-closed and closed — dependent on the kind of procedure and payments that can be completed.

4. Consumer attention- This is the key to retain both old and new clients for a very long time. Understanding a client’s problem and sorting it out as well as helping him to shop better online is known to be consumer attention. In one word, we may describe it as “the client is always right and one needs to serve him exceptionally well all the time”. A quick response to client’s questions and satisfying him on the buying terms can enhance one website’s reputation pretty remarkably. Well-written emails and email marketing also assist websites to retain their new clients effectively.

5. Discounts and Rebates- A store that offers rebates and discounts as well as offers free shipping for any amount of goods is predominantly a favorite with the new users or clients. A website can easily sold out its old product with discounted sale online and this will also attract more clients to its website.

Hence, these are the some common stuff every E-commerce do for their new users.