An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Wow. Really? I worked three jobs in college just so I could pay my rent and tuition. Did mommy and daddy pay your tuition? YOU chose to move to a ridiculously expensive city. You got a job that actually comes with benefits THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO EVEN PAY FOR. Suck it up. Life is hard when you are young. Did you work during college? It sounds like you came from a pretty cushy background. I have been working since I was 13, you? Nobody gave me ANYTHING. I paid for college, I paid rent, I paid for my car, I paid for my food. I worked long, hard hours (70 a week) to be able to buy myself some ramen soup. That’s life! Welcome to the real world. And, after you put in your time, and sweetie a year is nothing, you get to move up in life. The trials that you go through, the hunger pains, the barely scraping by — that is part of life. Are you looking to be spoon fed? In what way is it your employer’s problem that you cannot pay your transit? Get a fucking second job. You have the gall to put up GoFundMe type accounts? You do realize that there are real people who face horrible realities in life don’t you? Real people. Not suburban dwelling, mommypaidforeverything, white-privilege, crybaby asshats. As you mature, which clearly hasn’t happened yet, you will be embarrassed by what a douchebag you were. Jesus. I just can’t get over what an entitled, spoiled, badly behaved child you are. You even get fed at work for god’s sake! Then you have the nerve to complain about what you get fed at work! *SMH*