Trying to coerce a partner into anything, even if it’s “pleasurable” for them, is as off-putting as trying to push anything else on them. Trying to coax them into anything they don’t need by saying it’s “for them” (when it’s really for you and/or your ego) is just cringe-worthy.
Your Partner’s Pleasure Isn’t About You
Kris Gage

Guys do this to me all the time with oral sex even though I literally cannot feel it thanks to the amputation of my labia minora and denervation of my clitoris by an OB/GYN. Sometimes I know it’s for them, so I let them, but it can get excessive.

This happened to me due to pervasive ignorance of clitoral anatomy among OB/GYNs and lack of labiaplasty training standards. I am trying to raise awareness about the omission of the innervation of the clitoris from OB/GYN literature (please clap and share) with the goal of getting it included at least in textbooks. I need to generate social media awareness because textbook authors are resistant. I would also like it added to board exams but ABOG refuses.