Only human

Every time you leave the house there’s a whisper from humanity

Whenever you fall under the current there’ll be something offered to you for free

To pull you back up, to help you regain

Momentum in this cruel game

Every time you’re in a rut, feeling stuck or sad behind the eyes

You can always fall back without needing a disguise

Onto the pillow of collective humankind

And the knowledge that you are only human and allowed to fall behind

The thought that envelops you at night

The one that lets you close your eyes

Is the one that you won’t be derided or blamed

If you fail but your good intentions remained

The man in front of you will hold the door if you’re late for work

Coffee’s on the house if you forget your purse

The woman next to you will whisper when your coat’s on inside out

You’re only human, you’re still figuring it out

It’s okay because of that little document stashed in your drawer

Your UK passport and all the politics it stands for

You’re one of us, you’re off the hook, it’s okay

Your citizenship will always let find your way

But if you dare to want a child, and one day open your eyes

And by no fault of your own, this little, screaming surprise

Is born into a country with war and devastation

There’ll be nothing to fall back on if you lose your patience

If you can’t take the blood, the children dying outside your door

It’s your fault if you can’t stomach it anymore

If you dare come to the land of peace, with our love for each other

If you dare to think there’s more to life than war and terror

You won’t get a seat on the bus or a smile in the queue

It’s your fault you’re here and we have our own things to do

But forgive us like everyone else does

Because we’re only human

But it’s okay if you ask for a favour or not to be alone

They recognise your accent and you’ve got the same skin tone

You’ll get the time of day when you need directions

To celebrate the anniversary of your parents

With chandeliers and someone pouring your wine

But when the news shows you Syria you don’t have the time

It wasn’t luck you were born here, but something you deserve

You have a right to the privileges you want to preserve

From the foreign mind, the different and the outsider

Let the downtrodden protest all they like, as long as they were born here

You expect a quiet waiting room and the option of a job you’d never want

You’d like a crowd of British faces and an English response

When you ask a stranger for the time

And they answer with a smile

It’s just a shame that kindness

Can only find us

If you come from privilege in the first place

If you have no scars on your face

Or buried deep in your heart

Because that’s what sets us apart

But we’re only human, we apologise

We have culture and services to protect from demise

We’re only doing what’s best for our land

And if only you had one yourself, you’d understand