(Not) The Most Beautiful Woman in The World
Pamela Fox

Lovely and I can relate (though I don’t think I’d be brave enough to list and read resentments aloud!). When my husband and I were just dating about six years ago, I asked him something like if he thought I was pretty. (Fishing for compliments much?). He told me, “You’ll never be the most attractive woman in the room.” Which, if you really analyze and tear apart, could *technically* be turned into “Every other woman in the world is more attractive than you.” I mean, put me in the room with every woman in the world, and I’d HAVE to be more attractive than at least one of them, right?

I internalized that greatly, and I’m sure he strongly wishes he’d never said it. It’s been semi-perused in therapy, featured in some of my novels and poetry collections, and played a very minor role in a severe eating disorder developed later in life (though I by no means blame that comment for ED).

I’m curious if YOU consider him a ten? I think I was so largely shocked by his words because I did and do truly think he’s the most beautiful man … so I assumed that view would be returned.

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