My Ice-cream Adventure around the World

Ice-cream is the love of my life — sweet temper, unlimited possibilities and often a reflection of local cultures. Okay, the last one might be more of an excuse to eat more ice-cream wherever I go traveling. However, it is true that I always encounter different kinds of ice-cream in different countries and regions. So, are you down for an ice-cream journey around the world?

Spaghettieis: Bremen, Germany

Spaghettieis, Germany

Created in the 1960s in Mannheim, Germany, ice-cream spaghetti (or Spaghettieis in German) today has its fame spread around the world. Its unique look and multi-layered texture are its major attractiveness. A bowl of vanilla ice-cream pressed into spaghetti shapes, sitting in a base layer of cream, and topped with strawberry jam & coconut shred, with a piece of butter wafer as sider — that’s the first ice-cream spaghetti I’ve had in Germany. After that, I tried a couple more times in different parts of Germany, and the tastes are surprisingly consistent, as well as the ice-cream flavor (singular cuz it’s vanilla only). However, it is not boring at all. There are hundreds of topping choices, and the blending of Spaghettieis and its cream bottom would melt your heart.

Ice-cream Rose: Prague, Czech Republic

Ice-cream Rose, Czech Republic

This is not a Czech specialty but a global chain. Boom. But the romantic shape of this type of ice-cream perfectly suits Prague’s cobblestone alleys. If I remember correctly, the flavors in the picture are (inner to outer) lemon sorbet, strawberry yogurt and hazelnut chocolate. Generic flavors that don’t go along well together. I picked them for the photo.

The thing I love love love about this ice-cream is that you get to choose however many flavors with the same price. Once I ordered “every flavor” at one of its stores in New York. After prolonged discussion about how to structure and combine flavors, the staff managed to put in 20 flavors. It looked huge but I didn’t really get a good taste of any of the flavors.

Stuffed Egg-puff Ice-cream: Vladivostok, Russia

Smile Waffe, Russia

I bumped into this at an ice-cream festival in East Europe. The egg-puff was filled with nuts & raisins INSIDE. It was even more satisfying when wrapped around two scoops of cookies n’cream topped with Oreo and blueberries. The THREE-HOUR long wait line was a bit exaggerated even for an ice-cream festival crowd, but as an ice-cream fanatic, I think it’s worth the wait, especially since I don’t think I’ll have a chance to go to Russia in the near future.

Maple Turkey Ice-cream: Portland, USA

Salt & Straw, Portland

I am adventurous when it comes to food and traveling. That’s why Salt & Straw’s Thanksgiving ice-cream dinner menu has my utmost respect. Our favorites: Maple caramel turkey and balsamic vinegar strawberry. There are crunchy caramel chunks half-melted in the turkey ice-cream. The hint of turkey flavor was definitely there, tho we are not exactly sure where it came from. The balsamic strawberry on the other hand, stroke a perfect balance between creamy sweetness and refreshing sourness. The store is known for creative inventions, but if you happen to be vegetarian, make sure to ask them about the actual ingredients when trying any of the meat-related flavors. At least the turkey one we had actually has turkey meat in it.

Coconut Charcoal Ice-cream: Prague, Czech

Angelato, Prague, Czech Republic

Obviously, I’m talking about the one on the right. Black, gritty, the charcoal coconut is a stark contrast to the smooth lemonade sorbet next to it. It is even more refreshing than the usual coconut flavor. I literally felt the charcoal absorbing the toxic substance in my stomach. If you are okay with gritty texture ice-cream, I would strongly recommend trying this one out. It feels like an ice-cream cleanse :P

Raspberry Ice-cream Biscuit: Berlin, Germany

Raspberry Ice-cream Biscuit, Germany

Homemade raspberry macadamia ice-cream biscuits with caramel drizzling. Nothing could go wrong with that! Despite the traditional flavor, its balance between creamy and crunchy made it memorable. Also, we ate all the fruit decoration, and none of us could tell what’s that orange little ball on the side. (Hint: neither tomato nor berry)

More items to come. Ice-cream journey never ends ;)