Racial Profiling by Police Topic Background

Profiling is the action or process of learning information about someone that is already known. However, racial profiling is the action or process of regarding particular people as more likely to commit crimes based on their appearance, race, and other physical factors.

As humans we are taught to judge. Judge our decisions, ourselves, our surroundings, and even others around us because that is what will keep us safe and aware. Although racism isn’t new to the world we live in, it seems as if it has become much more prominent when it comes to crimes and deaths. In cases like Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Christian Taylor, Michael Brown and many more; unarmed and innocent people lost their lives and they all share one thing common, they were victimized because of the connotation their skin colors carried.

Racial profiling is more of a thought or assumption than an action so that brings to mind if the flight, fight, or freeze response is something that authorities have not been trained for. What if the reason there is so much racism in the police force is because no one has tamed the natural reaction to what is considered “dangerous” . The Flight, Fight, or Freeze response is a reaction to stress or anxiety in situations. Each action has a different set of physical and mental attributes, for example; the fight response includes: hands in fists, flexed/tight jaw, grinding teeth, snarl, fight in eyes, glaring, fight in voice, feelings of anger/rage, homicidal/suicidal feelings, knotted stomach/nausea; flight includes: restless legs, feet /numbness in legs, anxiety/shallow breathing, fidgety-ness, restlessness, feeling trapped; and the freeze response includes: feeling stuck in some part of body, cold/frozen, numb, pale skin, holding breath/restricted breathing, sense of dread, heart pounding. Just how making assumptions of someones character by racial profiling is a natural human behavior, all these methods are instinct.

This topic isn’t made to say “police or racist”, this topic is to discover if authorities are suffering from the human instinct to profile someone and then take part in the flight, fight, or freeze method, or are they knowingly using this natural instinct as in excuse for their actions.