You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Here is my response to your response…

Couldn’t have said it better myself and frankly didn’t want to waste the time and energy on such utter ignorance. The inaccuracies and lack of factual information in what you have written is alarming and exactly why there is such a divide in our country. Hippocracy at it’s finest.

By the way, ANYONE who is raped needs to justify their behavior, it’s called proving there was a crime and not just a false accusation. That goes for women AND MEN who are raped. Additionally, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being called beautiful, any mother is going to call tell their child they are beautiful, it’s an expression of LOVE used long before smart is appropriate.

We don’t want you to walk for us so please SIT DOWN, oppression in this country DOES NOT EXIST anymore. A woman is given every opportunity that a man is, many women DON’T WANT IT. I have to say that the comment about a purse being worth more than a college degree…. That’s funny, because the fashion and beauty industry IS WHAT WOMEN MADE IT. The majority of women APPRECIATE labels more than other things, not all but MOST. The fact a woman could spot a designer bag from 50 feet away, but doesn’t know what the GDP is, is because that’s what SHE chooses to find important, not what some man told her to. Oh and one last thing, this is something that really fires me up… Women’s “reproductive” health and right’s HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ABORTION. The ability to terminate a developing babies life is NOT A RIGHT and like the article says, it INFRINGES on the basic HUMAN RIGHTS of the child…The RIGHT TO LIFE. So please spare me the “woman’s right to choose what to do with her body” BS, Women have that right, we have the right to NOT GET PREGNANT if we don’t want to have children, we have the RIGHT TO BIRTHCONTROL should we CHOOSE. Women have ALL the reproductive rights that ARE ACTUAL RIGHTS, we can remove our uterus, tie our tubes, have children, not have children, have fertility treatments, we can do ANYTHING we want to OUR bodies, but when it involves ANOTHER body that’s what is in question. Whether you believe in religion or not, NATURE never intended for us to have the ability to terminate a pregnancy! PERIOD!

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