Day 4 — H2 Accelerator — The First Pitch

Day 4! The day feels like it has disappeared in a blur I can hardly remember how it started. It probably started with another start up school video as it tends to be what I do now when I don’t know what to do. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to do, it’s just overwhelming trying to work out where to start with so much time on my hands.

It wasn’t long before I was catching up with an old friend from work who has some experience in this space. Apart from being a good opportunity to catch up he gave me some more ideas around how to take care of the technical side of things, at least in the early stage like getting a super cheap app done for $1000 so that there is something to start testing.

Once I got back to the office I sat down with one of the other girls in the program and we brainstormed a few ways to get started and to think about things. The plan on the weekend is to:

  • Work towards a prototype and work out what it needs to be able to do by demo day ( T minus 4 months away)
  • Feature Brainstorm including things like — Back End Portal, Approvals, Log Ins, View Screens, Integration
  • Draw outline for prototype

In the afternoon I sat down with Zach is H2’s ‘VC Associate’ I’m not sure what that actually means but this afternoon it meant he sat down and went through my technical dilemma. The upshot of the conversation is not to worry at this point until I know what I’m looking to achieve. So that solves that problem for the time being. The other half of the problem at least in my mind is what do I need to show when it comes to demo day. The good news is it sounds like it’s not so much what I show but more how much progress has been made in that timeframe to get there.

Now I know why it felt like a long day. I then met with Keira’s accountant — who was awesome! Gave me an understanding of what options are available for funding and then also gave me a whole heap of advice on how to go about understanding the key problem I am trying to solve and how to get places on board. (they specialise in innovation type companies so are used to this sort of thing) .

The last part of the day was sitting down for a couple of hours and hearing everyone’s pitch for the first time. I heard at the expo day the week before the difference from their first pitch to their demo day pitch of the previous cohort was incredible, so I figured the pitches wouldn’t be that good. I had prepped a few slides to help me remember what I needed to talk about which I’m so glad I did. All the pitches were so much more polished than I imagined they would be so by the time I got up to do mine I was soo nervous. But it was fun to finally explain my idea in pitch form to everyone, and on the flip side get a better understanding of what everyone else was doing. The feedback after was awesome, aside from being constructive the rest of the cohort had all sorts of ideas as to what I could do. I suppose that is one of the main if not the main benefits of the program.

By the time it ended it was quite late, so a few of us grabbed dinner and got to know each other a bit better. And that pretty much summed up the first week!