Let Your Bosom Breathe!

Why Wear A Bra When You Can Let Em Fly Free!?

I’ve come here today to talk about boobies. I will probably be referencing my boobies a bit, so be prepared. Let’s get perky!

For the past year-ish, maybe a little longer, I have been going as bra-less as possible. Yes, occasionally I feel the need to wear one. The ones that I currently own (two bras that I actually use) are less bra-like than your average over the shoulder boulder holder. One is lacy and has an elastic band around the bottom instead of the classic under wire. It makes for a much easier transition out of wearing bras. The other has the under wire, and I wear that one less.

My dislike for wearing boob slings probably started around 5ish years ago. I was in the middle of one of the worst emotional times of my life. I was dealing with crippling anxiety and panic disorder, along with depression because those two often go hand in hand.

Part of me felt like wearing the bra was constricting me. I remember being at work multiple times and feeling as if I had some serious pressure on my chest, even though my bra wasn’t super tightly fitted. I just felt a weight, and it became hard to breathe. My a-ha moment came to me while I was feeling panicky in my back room at work on my break one afternoon.

I was feeling particularly off, and breathing became difficult. For some reason, I decided to run my finger underneath the under wire in my bra and lift…


It was like the pressure evaporated (for the most part). So I did what anyone else would probably do in my situation. Ripped that sucker off and embraced the free-ness of my lovely jubblies. Thank goodness for the apron I was wearing, because since that was my first real “out in public bewbz freedom” experiment, I wasn’t as comfortable unleashing the Double Demons (see what I did there? eh? eh?) for the world to see.

Now, I barely ever wear a bra. And guess what?

It feels GLORIOUS.

I was reading an article on Huffington Post about how “ According to the results of a 15-year study in France, bras provide no benefits to women and may actually be harmful to breasts over time.”

Well, I’m glad I made the move when I did.

You should try it too!

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