Pretty Smell-Goods.

There are lots of amazing things about flowers. They are pleasing to the eye, they smell fantastic, they can be used to heal certain ailments, they are therapeutic…The list could go on and on. I like to categorize my favorites, and in this little ditty here I’m going to explain why I love them.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Beauty
  2. Scent
  3. Therapy
  4. Nostalgia

Some of my favorites fit into multiple categories, but I’m going to try to stick to keeping them in one.

  1. Beauty

Sunflowers: These flowers make me smile. They are just always reminding me of super happy things, sunny days, warm weather, laughter. Sunflowers are a guaranteed way to get me to smile.

Orchids: Aside from the fact that they look a bit like lady parts (and that is a beautiful thing!), these flowers are so delicate and beautiful. They are a bitch to take care of though, but they always are a pleasure to look at.

Tiger Lilies: These flowers are just absolutely stunning. The colors, the markings… They have such an exotic feel to them.

Birds of Paradise: These things are just cool as hell. Haha. Have you ever seen one? They look like real. freakin. birds. Super colorful, super pretty. I dig it.

2. Scent

This is going to be a hard category, because a lot of the ones that I love for their scent, I also love for their nostalgic value. I’ll do my best.

Lilacs: This is one of my all-time favorite flowers EVER. They smell sweet and delicate and beautiful… We had a lilac bush growing up the side of our house when I was young, and every year the air would smell so fragrant upon walking outside. This has always stuck with me, and I will ALWAYS love the smell of these beautiful little purple flowers.

Roses: This one is a bit cliche, but I really do appreciate a good smelling rose. I get them all the time where I work, because I can’t help but adore the smell. Once again, they’re sweet, and soft, and their petals feel like heaven beneath my fingertips. Love them.

Iris’: These ones are definitely strange. For some reason though, I LOVE the smell of them. I think my mother passed that on to me…I remember her having them around occasionally when I was young, and the smell always uplifts me. It is kind of a different smell…but I enjoy it.

Honeysuckle: This is one of those “I’m on the fence between smell and Nostalgia factor” flowers. I’m going to put them in this category, however, they do remind me of my childhood something FIERCE. I don’t care WHERE I am, if I smell honeysuckle, I immediately stop in my tracks and take a huge huff of the air surrounding me. It is in my blood to do so. One of the BEST smelling things EVER.

3. Therapy

Lavender: Did you know that Lavender is good for migraine headaches? Just the smell of it can help alleviate pain in your noggin. The flowers are also great for relaxation in general :-)

Chamomile: Once again, another relaxation flower. Mostly anyone will tell you that chamomile tea is good for helping you to relax or sleep. This is not a false statement. It is also a good pain reliever when made as a tea.

Helychrisum: This is a super fluffy flower. It is also wonderful for certain things, including skin issues. It has a beautiful yellow color and you can use it in tea or use the essential oil that comes from the flower.

4. Nostalgia

Snapdragons: If you have never tried to make a Snapdragon talk….you missed out in your childhood. My mother used to squeeze the sides of the flower together, and it appeared to have a mouth that would open and close. As a child, I found this absurdly hilarious and would giggle uncontrollably as she made it “speak”. Super cool flowers.

Daffodils: These guys used to grow all over our yard. I always found them super cute, and they just remind me of my old house and how much I used to love cutting them and bringing them in for my mom as “presents”. Yeah, I used to be cute.

Buttercups: My sister and I used to play the “Buttercup Game” when we were tiny tots. You know, where you hold a buttercup up to your chin and if your chin glows yellow, it means you like butter? …. I wonder what genius came up with that game. Anywho… I still think they’re pretty little fleurs.

Daisies: These are another one of my favorites. They’re just so simple and cute, and they remind me of when I was younger as well.

I’m sure I probably missed some, but I figured I’d write this out because it was on my mind. Flowers have all sorts of awesome powers over us, because they invoke memories or feelings from our experiences with them. So, in other words: I’m down with flowers.

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