Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Day 2— Writing My Way to a More Thankful Heart

Day two of my gratitude challenge and it was another tough day. Most of my days are a mixture of joy and difficulty. My mind tends to focus on the negative so forcing myself to be grateful for the good things is vital.

Yesterday I had written out in detail what I was thankful for the day before. My mind kept going back to those three things easily and that helped through some of my day’s rough patches. On to my new list!

What I am grateful for:

  1. Good food! I took the time to make a pork ragu for Manny to eat when he got home from work. I love this dish, and I’m grateful Father Moses taught me how to make his recipe. Cooking is also a form of therapy for me, much like writing is. I enjoy making a nice meal for others to enjoy. I believe cooking is an art. I’m thankful I was able to focus on the work of my hands, smell the lovely aromas, taste the delicious flavors and be satisfied with a successful dish that Manny and I both enjoyed after a long day.
  2. Jazz music and dancing babies! While I was cooking, I put on Harry Connick Jr. He is one of my favorite artists. My two youngest (2 and 11 months) both kept me company and danced, played, and laughed at one another while I cooked. I loved seeing how much they enjoyed one another.
  3. Friends. I’m thankful for real friends. One called me, and she needs help this weekend with her kids, and I’m truly thankful that I’ll be able to help her out. I also had some short but good interactions with other good friends online. I focused on them instead of negative interactions with other people. I’m grateful for authentic friendships that are sources of grace and joy in my life.

This challenge is to help me overcome some of my daily struggles. You can read more about that here: