Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Day 5— Writing My Way to a More Thankful Heart

My sweet bouquet

Three things I’m grateful for:

1. I’m thankful for flowers picked by my children. Sal, Lorenzo, and Lucas will pick any flower in our yard the moment they see it and bring it to me. My boys are so sweet to me! Serafina decided to one-up them and pulled out a large part of one of my small hydrangea plants and brought it to me! She is so funny, we all had a big laugh at her little self standing there with a plant taller than she is to give to me! I regret not taking a picture.

Chinese lemon chicken with rice

2. Lots of helping hands. My girls pitched in to make Diego’s birthday meal. Vivi made the cake and frosting. Lena made the lemon sauce for the chicken. Scarlett helped with dishes and serving. Vivi and the younger kids decorated the living room. I’m grateful to have a houseful of people to help make birthday celebrations special.

He’s 14 already!

3. Wi-Fi extender. Since getting my computer back up and running I had a new problem; my internet connection was spotty. Talk about frustrating. I’ve been trying to get more writing and blog work done, but the Wifi was constantly cutting out. Manny told me to pick up an extender, and I happened to see one on clearance at Walmart. No more issues now. I’m very thankful for that.

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