Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Final Day 30! — Writing My Way to a More Thankful Heart

Well this is the last day of my gratitude/writing challenge! I’m happy I stuck with it and will continue by writing in my gratitude journal again.

Today I am grateful because:

Diego has a great sense of humor. My oldest son is a funny guy. He can lighten the mood, make you tear up from laughing so hard, and can laugh at himself. He put together a bookcase for me and made a joke about the last one he put together that ended up in the trash because he did such a horrible job. The timing was perfect, and I laughed so hard. All of my kids are funny; they are so good for me.

Scarlett is starting her Sophomore year of college. She is starting at a new university and has so many wonderful things ahead of her. I am thankful she is pursuing her dreams and working hard to reach her goals.

Manny and the kids. Manny has started Tom Sawyer with the kids. They love when he reads to them, and he thinks he enjoys it more than they do — I can’t tell who is happier! Manny is a great reader, he does different voices for each character and reads so enthusiastically that the kids are glued to him and the story. Few things please me more than Manny and the kids enjoying time together.

Thanks for reading!!!