No one, not my teachers, not my peers, not even my own family members saw what I saw. My vision was my vision, and that’s the thing about going your own way—no one can see what you see, and that’s the point. The hardest part about walking your path is to remember that people don’t doubt you because they don’t believe in you. They just simply aren’t in your head. They can’t see what you see, and you have to be ok with that.
An Overnight Success
The Mission

This is important to remember. A lot of people won’t get writers or other artist. They understand their vision, or what drives them. What you wrote is so important to remember to keep from being hurt and disappointed in other people’s reactions.

Just like we can’t understand why people don’t pursue their dreams or want to be creative, they don’t get what drives us. People also have different definitions of success.

Good for you for putting in the hard work to reach your goals.