Plus a bonus: I haven’t had major anxiety this gardening season

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I’m not a Master Gardener. My thumb is barely green. Hobbit-skills are something I strive to have, but only succeed at some of the time. Still, here I am. It’s nearing the end of June and I’m tanned from hours upon hours in the sunshine out in my bare feet or funky flower clustered garden clogs while yanking up weeds, tearing out trees, and moving compost and mulch, so I could get to planting all the lovely things.

My kids and I have expanded our garden beds and planted a variety of new plants — we were in quarantine this spring so what else did we have to do?! …


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Photo by Chad Stembridge on Unsplash

He dreams in shades of green and red
small and curvy
plump and juicy
in shapes of varying circles

“Tomato soup. Tomato bread.”

Happily he waters rows
gently lays a straw blanket down
picking weed-monsters daring
to pop up in his little dreamland

“Tomato soup. Tomato bread.”

As the sun warms his brow
sweat drips down his face
this dreamer looks at his mama
grinning ear to ear and says,

“This best part about all this hard work is it will pay off with delicious tomatoes. …

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Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

Which path to take?

Which decision is best for the most people involved?

For me. For my loved ones.

Every choice means I didn’t choose the other thing: the other path that is equally important. Equally exciting. Full of good and promise and so much hope for the future.

But this other path, the one I am already embarked on, it has had tough mountains to climb. It has thorny bushes scratching and digging into my flesh and I know they will not disappear.

Their presence makes the other path look friendly and inviting. But I am not a fool. All roads have rough patches. All adventures have mountains and valleys and winding roads that lead us to places we cannot even begin to imagine both dreadful and glorious. …

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Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

The time comes

when it doesn’t matter anymore

the pain

the sadness

the regret

the time comes to let it all go

that time may be because it’s too late

to say the things that hurt your soul

stunted your growth

made you struggle and fight through life

too late because

no one can reply from below the earth

even if their soul flies to the heavens.

Or maybe the time comes because you see now

the old — when did they become old? — turn child-like now

child-like in need of your help

and you see them in a new…


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Photo by Dominik Bednarz on Unsplash

Once the seasons blow their winds,
Rain their torrents,
Blanket the world in white silence

One can clear the landscape of weeds
Trim back wild trees and roses
Pruning all unnecessary chaos

Making a canvas ready for beauty and grace
Cleared garden beds for fruits and flowers
Perfectly laid plans for spring growth and renewal

The courtyard of my soul,
Garden of my life,
Awaits for me to water the seeds I’ve sown

Seeds sometimes given to me
Open handed and willing
To learn the wisdom of others
Generous enough to share with me

Seeds sought after and hunted down
Some mysteriously found on accident
Though there are no…

The tastes and smells of summer can fight off the winter blues!

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Are you suffering through winter and longing for summer as much as I am? I’m in the Midwest so naturally, everything is covered in snow, ice, and coldness. I’m longing for spring and summer by this point of winter…and it’s no where in sight.

Except summer did make an appearance in my kitchen this morning and is marinating on the counter waiting to be served on a plate for dinner.

The tastes and smells of summer at least.

I went to Costco the other day and there was a big box of on-the-vine tomatoes calling to me. I know they are not nearly as good as the ones grown in the garden or purchased in season, but they smelled so nice and looked so juicy I took the box home. …


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Photo by Manuel Arroyo on Unsplash

I need a long train ride
a trip to the sea

On this train every chug along the track
will bring me closer to the vast ocean and the waves
reminding me,
I don’t need to have all the answers

I don’t need to have life figured out,
each and every step,
because those plans and steps are like sandcastles
magnificent and kingly
only for a short while,
and like the deep footprints left along the shore
leaving an impression,
only for a few moments in time

Castles disappear
no matter how grandiose they are
footprints fill with water,
swiftly sand shifts and you look back
not even seeing where you stood
not leaving lasting impressions upon the…


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Public Domain

They look on in admiration
Seeing a real-life heroine before their eyes
She needs no helping hands, no kind gestures, nor invites

It is she who does the helping, the giving, the entertaining
All graciously, beautifully, like Superwoman in disguise

They look on without seeing
Her exhaustion hidden behind a warm smile
Behind laughing eyes and busy helping hands

They tell her, ‘You can do this!’ and ‘I believe in you!’
Taking for granted when she succeeds because
They ‘always knew she could’

No one understands what Superwoman sees in the mirror:
She doesn’t actually fit the suit,
Doesn’t remember putting it on,
Can’t recall how she became a heroine in life.

If I don’t, I won’t accomplish what I want.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

I’m not a fan of routines and schedules, not strict ones anyway. They just don’t work well with my lifestyle or personality. I do appreciate and need loose routines and schedules — ones that make room for all the unexpected that comes with being a mother of a large homeschooling family. I’m in need of a loose routine now because I have some serious writing goals I intend to meet.

Maybe you can get some ideas for yourself after reading what I’m doing.

First, of course, I need to finish working my goals out. I know I have to be realistic too, or I’m just setting myself up for failure. Aiming too high is one of my struggles, which isn’t always bad though. …


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Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

Burdened by the weight of expectations
Unfairly placed upon my back from birth
When born as a woman, of a certain race, in a specific place
And, when born anew, to a certain creed, a distinct tradition
Each time I was given, more than I deserved

More to strive for, more to be
More to answer for, more to fail to become
I did not deserve the expectations placed upon my head
More, more, more, I was never more to the degree of enough

Maybe here and there
In snippets and in doses
Measuring enough to fill a glass
To keep dehydration from killing
To quench long enough to satisfy
Before having to move on to rise
Rise to new heights, new…


Jessica Archuleta

Gratefully writing about food, culture, relationships, education, poetry +more| Happy wife & mama to 10|Hispanic woman| Deeply spiritual & religious💗POM Poet💗

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