Three Most Popular Styles Of Conservatories In Hampshire

A conservatory adds a wonderful space to relax and get entertained. It is one of the most significant investments for a homeowner, as it:

  • Adds to the property value
  • Brings in more light
  • Enhances the residential space
  • Allows you to enjoy the outdoors without actually stepping out

Conservatories in Basingstoke are designed in a variety of styles ranging from charming old school constructions to modern day innovations that match the overall taste of the people of Hampshire. Among all of them, there are three styles that particularly stand out.

  1. Victorian:
     The reason why this style is the number one favorite is that it fits into almost every kind of home, old as well as new. Essentially, it includes a steeply pitched roof, a bay front and intriguing ornate details on the ridge. In earlier times, this conservatory style was all made in wood. However, now there is a mix of everything including traditional hardwood, PVCu and aluminium.
  2. Georgian
     This style of conservatory is also known as the Edwardian style. It can be identified very easily by its modern style flat front and a symmetrical shape. This design is recommended because it doesn’t waste any space at all. The very symmetry of the Georgian style is great for growing plants and arranging some basic seating in an aesthetically appealing manner. Dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, this style of conservatories has scarcely evolved. But the overall effect remains one that cannot be placed in or declared belonging to any particular time period in history. It is both traditional and modern, beautiful and practical. All this adds to its beauty and popularity.
  3. Orangery
     An orangery is an altogether different take on conventional conservatories in Hampshire. It can be called an “atrium style” version that is more like an extension of one of the rooms. The construction and design of an orangery lets in more light even into the room. Instead of the usual panels that are a characteristic of conservatories in general, orangeries have brick pillars that offer an extended amount of privacy. It is like a focal point and yet seems to be a regular part of the house. All the clashing and confusion adds to its overall charm, making it one of the most endearing conservatory designs to opt for.

Historically, an orangery is said to be belonging to the 17th century home fashion, but the very concept is much older than that.

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