Phone Camera Stand

2D Object Prototype


Since I have already had some knowledge and experience about 2D & 3D basic paper prototyping, the next challenge for me is to design and build an intermediate 2D object prototype with laser cutter.


The main goal of this product is to not only create a stable structure that supports the smartphone to shoot a video, but also design something artistic that can encourage people to explore multiple ways of filming.

The basic structure of my product is a triangle because it is the most stable shape. In addition, I tend to create a triangle with three different angles and side lengths in order to provide users with more freedom in putting their phones wherever they prefer the most to film. I also design the function that can let people charge their phones.


Iteration 1

This is a basic idea of the my design of a phone camera stand

Iteration 2

I tried to make a box with a hole on the back in order to capture the film. However, I noticed that it lacked of the freedom of choosing different angles and heights.

Iteraction 3

I decided to create a triangle shape, so users can put their phones in wherever they like.


Challenges I faced during the design process:

  • It was my first time using this 3D software called Rhino, so I spent a long time learning it.
  • Since the product should be made in the real world, I had to accurately scale the measurement.

Things about the design that worked well:

  • The design of the product is simple enough to capture user’s interests and make them feel it is easier to use.
  • The product provides users more freedom on different ways to put their phones.
  • The charger feature is really useful!

Things about the design that could be improved:

  • It would be helpful to have a feature that can let people adjust the angle and height more clearly.

Things about effectiveness of my design from the testing:

  • Most people needed to charge their phones when filming, so they really like the charger feature I designed.

Here are sample pictures about how my product works.

Film in a higher level

Film in a different angle

Charging the phone when running out of battery