The ultimate guide to overcoming your fears and developing the mindset of a pro

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You’ve never had a business, let alone wondered what a business mindset means. Yet, the thought of having your own business excites you.

You’re often frustrated by the limitations of your job, and you crave the mental challenge of doing something worthwhile and substantial. You’d give your eyeteeth to live life on your own terms, but there’s just one problem.

You’ve never done this before and you’re scared you won’t make it. You’re scared that:

  • You’ll fail
  • You’ll let everyone down
  • You’ll lose your money
  • You’ll lose your home

How do you get a business mindset that supports your idea when your mind tells you you’ve failed before you’ve begun? …

Ghosted by Earth’s most customer-centric company

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A puzzle for algorithms to toy with. My husband’s doing his best to contain his smugness, but he’s been proven right. I’m just a piece of byte, and gutted that the store I’ve loved for 20 years has done a Brutus on me.

Et tu, Amazon? Why hast thou forsaken me?

We’ve been joined at the hip since 2000. For birthday treats, hobby supplies, daily essentials, and offbeat oddities, this Alladin’s cave has been my answer for everything. If I had a problem, a genii rose from a lamp to fix it.

They gave me time travel too. Through the wish list and “save for later” areas, I can track the path my life has taken and see when I nearly took certain roads, got serious about writing, became a psychotherapist, got my dog, went through trauma, started playing the guitar, delved into spirituality, got into…

A word-for-word template to regain your privacy

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The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has been trawling the internet since 1996 caching snapshots of webpages, even entire websites, and holding them in a virtual museum at

Here’s a snapshot it took of the Twitter homepage on 30th June 2007. The black bar along the top of the image shows the number of snapshots it’s taken of that page over the years.

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Image source: Internet Archive

It’s a wonderful piece of history and it’s all free. You can go back and see how websites have changed over time.

The Wayback machine snapshots individual pages too. …

The last time he drew was seventy years ago

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Image credit: Author and her Dad

The teacher is vexed. Instead of a name at the top of the page he’s grading, there’s a doodle of Robin Hood at the bottom.

That impertinent boy simply won’t stop spelling his name with a drawing. Detentions and canings haven’t convinced the delinquent to use ordinary letters so the teacher plots a new punishment as he scars the paper with long red slashes.

I’d rather train dogs, he fumes. And he really hates dogs.

It’s nineteen-fifty-something and the boy is chock-full of that youthful immortality we’ve all tasted. …

Put the phoenix factor into your life

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I keep a journal, and sometimes a bit of woebegone “twaddle” finds it way in. It’s not twaddle when I’m writing it but a few moments have to pass for perspective to kick in and then I shred the pages. There’s no desire to see those words again.

Without that perspective, all I’d see is that it’s dog-eat-dog out there in this big bad world. Or cat-eat-baby-bird. Misery is a given and man born of woman hath but a… yeah.

I once read that every single fear or anxiety you have stems from the thought of dying. But the fears are insiduous and don’t tell you that’s what they’re scared of. …

Keep it relevant to the relationship you have with your subscribers

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2020 has been a complicated year for business marketing. When Covid-19 first struck, a widespread panic made some people shame others for daring to work, and marketing budgets took a tumble.

Despite this, newsletter marketing stayed strong. Research has found more people are opening email during the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before.

Newsletters rank as one of my favourite marketing tools. They’re the perfect relationship-builder and you can use them for brand recognition, imparting knowledge, sharing information, and of course, sales.

They’re also perfect for people who don’t want to lurk around social media hoping to catch a glimpse of you. …

Find out what the dilly-dallying is protecting you from

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In business, it’s not easy to accept that motivation doesn’t stay as enthusiastic as your drive.

In fact, you can be extremely driven and still finish the day with very little achieved.

Here’s why:

Drive: The mental brawn that gets you to take action.

Motivation: The mental fuel that decides whether or not you’re going to.

These are some signs that you’re running out of motivation:

  • It’s getting easy to say you’ll write that blog post, or market, or make a sales call tomorrow
  • You’re stuck on a plan of action that hasn’t given you a monetary result in the last year, but you live in hope it’ll be different…

If you’re not in the position to hire a coach to help raise your game, there’s one thing you can start doing today to give yourself a leg-up.

Practice being consistent.

Be consistent with everything… from your mood to the time you eat.

As a creative, consistency is a shackle I resisted for as long as I could. But it wasn’t until I committed to being shackled-to-boredom-for-the-rest-of-my-life that life actually became more interesting than I could have imagined.

TOP SECRET: Being consistent gets things done!

In the past, I’d wait for the mood to take me before I did anything. …

Make sure you’ve attached your wagon

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Writers know the despair of a wastebin overflowing with crumpled paper. We know the euphoria of a piece that hits the spot so completely, angels appear with their harps and sing.

We know all too well that success is a journey across an uneven terrain. It travels vast acres of hostility and teases at the edges of sundrenched valleys, dipping in from time to time to allow a taste of the fruits of our strife.

As much as we implore the gods to ease up a little and gentle the ride, we know ours is a custom trip with a custom map of treasures not available to anyone else. …

Clients hire you for different reasons

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Do you identify as a freelancer, solopreneur, or small business owner?

As a service provider, you might think the distinction is moot, but knowing where your business sits empowers you in many ways:

  • You get more value from your marketing efforts
  • You pace your growth strategically

Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Small Business Owners

While they’re all forms of self-employment, they don’t sit on the same branch. Even if they’re all offering the same service, say art tuition, freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners have:

  • Different financial considerations
  • Different lifestyles and ambitions
  • Different capacities
  • Different support and backup…


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