Why Do Businesses Prefer CodeIgniter Over Other PHP Framework

At present, websites have become more useful for any business growth. That’s the reason PHP playing a vital role all over the globe to create a significant and complete business application development at very economical cost.

Today, so many frameworks avail in PHP like a Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, WordPress, etc. to mention a few. However, the definition of “CodeIgniter” is the only framework that preferred worldwide to the programmer’s point of view.

Now, Let’s discuss CodeIgniter into deep;

CodeIgniter is an open source and very productive PHP framework having much a small footprint that built clean and elegant custom web application development. It’s classy PHP framework with perfect web hosting, nearly zero installation, the easiest way to handling bugs, encryption and a huge set of libraries.

People who are using CodeIgniter instead of another PHP frameworks their goal is quite simple to represent their business objectives over the internet and websites. CodeIgniters’ purpose is to develop a faster web application, coding from scratch through the rich set of libraries and smooth interface to accessing all the libraries.

Codeigniter is out of the best, why? Check it out:

1. Model-View-Controller(MVC) Based System

CodeIgniter based on MVC Architecture that enables separation of logic and presentation section in a very simplest way. That makes the code easily readable and recognizable, easing up the development procedure. Speed is another benefit attributed to the MVC architecture of the framework.

2. Faster Execution

CodeIgniter developers mostly get attracted due to its fast execution time; there is no better platform for PHP web development which provides better initialisation of any task.

3. File Management

File management is one of the essential features of this platform, so you will get a proper documentation and easy to understand the structure of an application. It consist the controller, config, model, view, plugins, script, etc

4. Security

It provides a feature to encrypt and decrypt data will be transferred. Look it specific security features below.

  • Remote code execution
  • SQL injection
  • XSS Attacks

5. Simple Configuration Of CodeIgniter PHP Framework

Configuration is the best reason using CodeIgniter over the another PHP frameworks. When you configured database once, you did not write a name of that database at every single time.

Now just check the brief list of remaining the feature of CodeIgniter:

  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.
  • Query Builder Database Support
  • Session Management
  • FTP Class
  • Localization
  • Bench-marking
  • Full Page Caching
  • Error Logging
  • Unit Testing Class
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Extensive library of “helper” function

Benefits of CodeIgniter Framework for Web Development:

  • CodeIgniter is easy to learn, adopt and deploy
  • It offers t customization of the project requirements.
  • It provides smooth, hassle-free migration from server hosting to server hosting
  • Free from complex structures and development
  • In worldwide, CodeIgniter developers have an enormous active community support.


CodeIgniter is superb in various ways. The Features & Benefits of CodeIgniter provides the unique business web application development. As Codeigniter framework enhances the performance of web developers, they prefer to use for web development projects rather than going for custom PHP development.