With my hands.

This is a tribute to my favourite body part. In my history of body shaming, there were times when I picked apart every single part of me. I criticized everything that just wasn’t perfect. This beating myself up kept hitting at my self esteem. I have never wrote or said anything positive about one of my body parts. I’m quite fond of my brain, but sometimes it turns on me. My hand is where I will start. My hands have been at the forefront in all of my creations. My hands hold so much power. My hands make me feel valuable.

With my hands, I write this story.

With my hands, I wash my face.

With my hands, I pull on my clothes.

With my hands, I put on my makeup.

With my hands, I open the front door.

With my hands, I protect my eyes from the blinding sunlight.

With my hands, I open the door to my classroom.

With my hands, I take my notes.

With my hands, I pack up my bag.

With my hands, I tap on your shoulder to ask you the time.

With my hands, I nervously tap against my desk.

With my hands, I cover my face to calm down.

With my hands, I wipe the tears from my eyes.

With my hands, I call for help.

With my hands, I write down my plan to get better.

With my hands, I turn on my music.

With my hands, I turn off my lights.

With my hands, I set my alarm.

Even if my brain acts funny sometimes, my hands keep working. My hands work whether I am happy or sad. My hands sometimes act on stupid decisions, but my hands can be helpful. My hands can heal. I know I can achieve great things. I am in control of two creators, a left and a right. When things feel out of control and I feel incapable of any sort of accomplishments, it can be hard to remember or give myself credit and value on how much I am worth. But then I just look down at my hands. They have created so much, and when I look down at them, all of those positive memories come flooding back. You are my favourite part of me that I can see, even without a mirror. You have created art and help spread love Hands, you must never hurt anyone, not yourself or others. You have helped me through it all. Now keep going, keep learning, keep loving, keep writing.

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