Queerness, Choice, and Assimilation
Galen Mitchell

Thank you Galen for your writing. You seem intelligent and well educated, not sure if it is ‘informal’ or ‘university’ or a mixture of both (life + books). I felt I should contribute something I feel is needed. Your article talks about ‘choice’ and more than implies that ‘good girls’ don’t do certain things. I ‘spose that’s true, but can’t say for sure as I am a devout Catholic and so am well aware that I am a sinner and all that stuff. I am also a transgender woman. A 71 year old transgender woman. The picture is recent…not bad for 71 eh? So….my church group got upset when I said I felt ‘attractive’ (well…maybe I used the word ‘hot’) oh well…. and they told me that the Bible said “…and men should not put on the clothing of women, and women should not put on the clothing of men…” So….for all the religious right….. I AGREE! ….so I immediately went to Confession and said ‘forgive me Father (God, not the priest) for I have sinned. All my life I have lied. I dressed like a man even though inside I knew I was a woman. So I had surgery and now I will (I promise) always dress as a woman. I will never tell that lie again”. The church part is real. That is where I find God. There, and in people that He inhabits as the Holy Spirit. I believe He talks to me. The ideas that are within this note….I could never come up with those on my own, and satan has disowned me cuz I pray a lot and offer myself to God every day, which is inconvenient but probably better. Fourteen months since my surgery and no matter what I do, damm I just can’t get laid! Well…so much for holiness and inviting God to run interference. As compensation, I have fun, and I laugh and I make other people laugh, and I feel like I am having this most magnificent dance with God, and each day is a kaleidoscope of colorful beautiful people in God’s orchestra, and the music is beyond description, and I have learned to love myself and do loving things for and to myself and thus I have learned to be able to truly begin to be able to love others. The world is my mirror and there I see the light I shine out. With God inside, the light is so pretty. All the colors of “the rainbow” Jessica

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