Fucking mirrors, how do they work?
Sabrina Bonfert

The reason we have mirrors is so that they can point the way. Wordlessly show us how it is done. The idea in life is to be a mirror for others. When someone is able to see their ‘reflection’ in your reaction to them, when you are unprejudiced and non judgmental…when they see who they really are and that image is undistorted by shame attached to their short-comings then you become empowering to them…enabling them to see themselves and where they need to change, and it gives them the courage to grow. You are the key to their prison. Change happens when we become uncomfortable, and when we take that discomfort to another, be it lonliness or pain, we become vulnerable, so when I am a mirror for you, undistorted by anger or self-interest, judgementalism or condemnation, then you are able to rise above where you are now, you can take flight from the prison of your own imperfections. It is called unconditional love. A warm and fuzzy idea, however none of us do it perfectly, only God can do that. So, if I am intuitive and watch you from a place inside me that cares and wants, when I see you, looking at what you appear to be in me, your mirror, then it becomes a relationship and I must then reflect on the ways in which I too am imperfect and together we grow. We always work towards being the best mirror for the other that we can be. The cost is that the most effective mirror that exists is made from teardrops and laughter, and I have to see also my reflection in your eyes.