#5 on Product Hunt | Tweeted by Nasdaq

That was cool, and being #5 on Product Hunt was the icing on the cake. We were hunted on Monday morning at 1:26am PST. That part wasn’t so cool.

Just kidding, the next straight 24 hours was a blast. It was also the first time I pulled an all-nighter since the MBA (Product Hunt all-nighters are more fun, FYI). Anyway, it went like this:

“We have liftoff! …Anyone awake?…”
[lift head from desk & wipe drool from mouth] “OMGGGGGG!”

And so it had begun. The most exciting (work)day of my life.

Paul Kemp, now a good friend of ours, who I met in the Reddit Slack group, guided us through the experience and thus it was a relatively seamless one.

Half our team was in Mexico, the other in California, remote ourselves, and so we worked diligently to make sure everyone was on the same page with the rules of the game:

Rule #1) Don’t ask for an up-vote or Jessica will smack you

Rule #2) Do not send any direct links or Jessica will smack you 2x

Rule #3) Do #1 and #2 in the same msg & you’re def getting coal for xmas

Why? I need not repeat words of the wise. Just don’t. And read this article: Product Hunt’s Algorithm Tried To kill Us.

Continuing on. We had prepped for this moment of glory, oh of course you must! You can’t get caught with your pants down. This is what we did in preparation:

  1. Drafted emails, prepped PH assets (gifs, galore)
  2. Prepped the product
  3. Hid the Product Hunt cat on our landing page

Yeah, that last one was supposed to be #viral. :(

So remember that dress that went viral on the internet? The gold and white dress, yeah that one. It was so not blue and black.

Well anyway we tried to do something cool, inspired by the dress, that would get people talking. We already knew we would get people debating about Ideator (#mostcommentsaward!) but we also wanted to be snazzy. Just because.

So we hid Glasshole Kitty on our /ph page. Who’s Glasshole Kitty? Really you don’t know? It’s ok, I didn’t know beforehand either. She’s a pretty snazzy cat:

Glasshole Kitty pictured on her launch day. Only kidding; no one knows if she’s a boy or a girl.

So anyway, Charlie our Co-Founder & CTO did such a fabulous job hiding her that actually, no one found her. Alright some of our reddit friends found her, but no one said so publicly and debated her whereabouts. Oh well. C’est la vie. If you want to test your own hunting skills give it a go here: www.ideator.com/ph

(And if you can’t find her scroll to the bottom of this post)

Oh and I forgot to mention, we got the attention of ❤ Ryan Hoover ❤, THE maker of Product Hunt:

And fell in love with him (and sang to him the lyrics of Marc Anthony’s song):

And like all famous loves he left me like a cat leaves an attack by cucumber:

Alright it was subtler:

He seemed to take the bite! But then…crickets.

[no nothing’s loading, that is just the sound crickets make]

And then, finally:

Well, we’re clearly too clever. Or Product Hunters really aren’t very good at hunting…

So on launch day we were all hands on deck. Our team did a phenomenal job holding down the fort. Ok no more sayings, promise. And we got to watch the Product Hunt(er) world wake up on Google Analytics Real-Time and interact with them in Intercom.

Top 3 coolest things that happened while on Product Hunt (that I can disclose publicly):

  1. Nasdaq tweeted about us with 447k followers (see below)
  2. We had super insightful Product Hunter feedback convos*
  3. Increase in visitors: 1.7x our mo. avg. visitors just in December thus far, and then obviously what followed was an increase in signups: 4.45x our weekly signups in just 24hr on PH! Outstanding visibility.
Forgot to mention, we’re hosting a virtual idea comp & giving away $10k! Submit your idea here.

*This was very intriguing to me and I’ll have to write another post on it. Basically the majority of the feedback from Ben Tossell (Community Mgr at Product Hunt) and others was that we need to make every idea public-facing, thereby forcing ideators to own their ideas from the get-go & getting feedback from the community immediately.

Comments on Ideator on Product Hunt

I actually disagree now that I think more about it for a couple main reasons:

  1. Product Hunters might forget that we’re industry agnostic. Crowdsourcing feedback is great for some industries, not all. And thus if someone has a prototype in progress, for example, (keep in mind we also call prototypes “ideas” in Ideator) they’re not going to want to disclose it publicly. They need a way to work in stealth mode.
  2. The #1 objection people say to adding their ideas to Ideator is “is my idea really safe?”. Lots of ideators prefer safety over feedback, which we respect, and thus let them go at their own pace. That’s why we have so many privacy setting options and ideators are able to vet team members before inviting them to their team (and an NDA is triggered).

I’ll for sure write another post on it, as I do need to take a deeper dive into the psychology behind this and changing habits. But the main point here was —you get a lot of feedback fast from people who do not (yet) use your product, which you obviously need to listen to. And we love feedback and discussions about our strategy, especially from these guys. So this was a huge win for us because we value their feedback and lord knows our internal meetings will get more exciting now as we comb through the comments again and work with our new early adopters.

Coolest part of all of this? We got a lot of new people who support us, which is really really really fun for me:


The community at Ideator is the greatest. They’re extremely passionate about the ideas and they’re a collaborative bunch and thus we are happy to have it grow, this time with many more Product Hunters than ever before.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the ride. And if I made you laugh along the way, please let me know! (❤ Ryan? ;)

Signing off,


P.S. here kitty kitty: