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Posted on February 11 2020

While Valentine’s Day has traditionally be reserved for couples, we think it’s an ideal day to celebrate love with your entire family. Kids, tweens and teens all embrace celebrations, and Valentine’s Day is a great day to implement small things that makes kids feel special and loved!

1. Start the day with a special breakfast Valentine’s Day Waffle Bar.

Before you send them off to school for the day, celebrate in the morning with this fun breakfast idea. A heart waffle maker is available online on Amazon, and you can add healthy toppings and dippers…

Posted on December 17 2019

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s one of the best times of the year to create memories with your family! It’s fun to shift the focus from shopping and gifts to spending time together doing fun Christmas activities. And honestly, years from now, kids are more likely to remember the special time you spent together during the holiday season rather than the gifts that were under the tree on Christmas morning. Below are our top 8 fun Christmas activities for kids.

1. Christmas Charades are a great activity for kids of all ages! Picture your…

Posted on November 18 2019

Does if feel like Christmas is suddenly around the corner and you’re not quite ready for it? I love the holiday season, but let’s be honest, sometimes the shopping, preparations, and making lists and checking them twice can take a toll on us. The joy of giving starts to dwindle when shopping becomes an endless list of things you have to find.

Let Little Skye take away the stress of shopping and help make it fun again! We have a curated collection of unique, beautiful, and creative gifts for girls and boys of all ages…

Posted on October 28 2019

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the entire family! We love a good theme, and Halloween lends itself to a great thematic meal. Spooky (but not too much so!) details add a ton of fun to these healthy and filling meals. Whether serving these dishes at a Halloween party or to your kids before an evening of trick-or-treating, we have three recipes you’re sure to love!

3 Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids

1. Scary Good Smorgasbord from Momfessionals.

We love this smorgasbord- it’s such an easy way to serve a ton of healthy options and cute scary details can be…

Posted on September 05 2019

I don’t know about you, but we always find the adjustment to a back-to-school routine a bit jarring in our house. Not only is waking up every morning and going to school a big change after the relaxation of summer, it seems like all of the other extra-curricular activities start up at once. Sports, choir, band, language classes, church activities and more all make the evenings chaos at times. It’s still very important in our house to have a healthy meal we can all enjoy together. Some of my favorites are below!

1. The crock…

Posted on June 21 2019

It can be hard to figure out how to have the perfect party for the birthday boy or birthday girl! Kids vary so much in their interests, and each age comes with it’s own set of challenges. The key to a great birthday party is to plan ahead, and to keep it simple and fun. Sometimes less is more when it comes to parties, and a great theme with a few party games and cool decorations can take the party to the next level, and take the stress out of party planning.

Having a party…

Posted on July 25 2019

How to Photograph Children?

We’ve reached the mid point of summer. BBQ’s and camp outs are in full swing and it’s THE TIME to get that all too critical photo of your kid…but they have chosen that fateful moment to bring out the big guns and throw a fit. It’s okay mom’s, you can admit it, our kids aren’t perfect.

The shot you want won’t always be the shot your kids give you. There are always two photos, the one you have in your mind and the ones your kids give you” — Jon Canlas

If you are anything…

Posted on June 19 2019

Trader Joe’s is my favorite store for affordable, unique grocery items my entire family loves! They have great snacks, time-saving sauces and condiments, wine, fresh flowers, interesting frozen items and more. Below is a list of some of my summer favorites if you’re wondering what to get at Trader Joe’s.

1. Corn + Chile Tomato-less Salsa. Every time I go to Trader Joe’s I have to buy a few jars of this salsa! It’s great on taco salad, in burritos, in soup, with chips…my entire family loves it. …

Posted on June 05 2019

For my family, Father’s Day seems to get lost on the end of the school year/ beginning of summer shuffle. If you have a similar issue, hopefully these eight ways to celebrate dad on Father’s Day helps you plan a memory-filled day this year.

Determining how to spend the day can provide the framework for your family’s celebration and gift ideas. Father’s day activities should be based on dad’s idea of a great day.

1. Does he like nature? A family day hike with the gift of a new personalized water bottle.

2. Sports? A…

Posted on May 15 2019

Juggling it all can be so hard sometimes! With three kids at three different schools, loads of extracurricular activities, and two parents who both work full-time, my husband and I feel the stress daily of trying to get it all done and raise happy, good humans! I think there is a unique pressure on mothers to get it all done. All of the “extras” like school projects, birthday party gifts, shopping, and meals often fall on moms. Honestly, there are a lot of days that I barely get through. And other days it goes a…

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