Golden Phrases in Chinese

In Chinese language, there are a group of phrases that related to gold. Today, we will learn the “golden” phrases in Chinese.

黄金周 Golden Week (huánɡ jīn zhōu)

Actually, Chinese 黄金周is a way of having holidays, that come from Japan. In the year 1999, Chinese government decided to extned the New Year holiday, Labor’s Day on May 1st and National holiday to 7 days by combining the weekends before and after them, thus more and more people can take this time to travel further places. The golden week has become an important factor to strengthen domestic consuming and contributes greatly to the development of Chinese economy.

黄金时代 Golden Times (huánɡ jīn shí dài)

We may have learned from our Chinese lessons online that 时代 and 时间 are both related to time, but 时代 often means a long time — 10 years. So, 黄金时代 refers to the most important 10 years and it implies the most valuable and fruitful period in one’s life.

黄金时间 (huánɡ jīn shí jiān) Golden Time

Golden time refers to a period of time of the day, when the rating of TV or radio audience is the highest. We know that the TV station often let important news or popular TV programs to be broadcasted in the most popular period, during which the advertiser are more willing to choose to put up their advertisements, to draw the attention of the most people. In China, according to an official survey, the golden time is from 18:30 to 22:00.

Like Gold is precious in life, these “golden” phrases that we learned today all have the similar meaning of “important, best”. So, I think it is no longer difficult to guess the meaning of “黄金年龄” in Chinese. You are welcome to write your answers in the comment section.