Explore like the lady from Tomb Raider

Sex is one of those obscure topics that people hate to divulge in unless they are sitting at the bar half drunk, and want to get laid using every pick up line you know to figure out how to achieve that. Well, boys and girls did you know sex is one of the funnest topics you can discuss when around your friends, buddies, or even just people. But be wary not everyone wants to hear your dirty ways in the dead of day.

I think our sexual behaviors explain a lot about us as a society, human, and a person. In a way, we learn about sex naturally as our body changes during development but on a scientific level we are no longer having children for survival but because we want to, or are forced to. It’s kind of like we have become deer and must start putting a stop to over population. But that’s not the point here. I want to uncover why exploring sex will be good for both you, and your lover. When you think about it our society is hell bent and determined to try and tell us what we should like. Do not fear being different. Fear being the same.

You want to play sex how you feel it or else you are lying to your lover. No one like liers right? I can’t help a sexual relationship that is in ruins but I will tell you if you have an adventurous lover I’m the writing you want to read right now. In one way, You want to explore each other with words and not lame words that everyone uses. Try using silly, funny words, and making each other laugh while being in the same room. Whisper in each other’s ears, mess up their hair, and be sure to smile. It helps intensify the feelings for the bedroom. In another way, you want to have to be sexually playful. No one wants to go on an adventure with someone who is a bore. I like to write poetry, and I love exploring it but I hate boring words. I like zest. If your sex life doesn’t have zest in it the two of you may be seeing problems later in life that won’t be fixable. So here are four things that experts forget to say because what they really want is your money, and not your time. I just want your time.

  1. Sex is not about speed. Coincidentally, Porn tries to express speed is everything but the magic is not in the speed, nor in the power but in the feeling. If you think about speed only puts pressure but if you go from fast to slow, slow to fast, and keep that up you’ll find that it feels better than just grinding at a typical speed. I will tell you that euphoria only happens when the two lovers are on the same page. Use tactics like ear biting, whispering, clenching teeth, and muttering moans. The belief that speed is everything is a myth. But if you use words, and touch you’ll have each other’s bodies tingling for more action I promise.
  2. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Lips are sensitive but so is our skin. Kiss everywhere, and enjoy the sensation and you’ll find your heart will flutter, and your soul will release. Or in my own words, You will find the light at the end of the tunnel. But be aware that everyone is different and biting may enhance the moment as well.
  3. Explore positions. Don’t be afraid to be flexible with your positions. I mean if you deny every suggestions you’re denying the ability to have fun. I enjoy exploring new ways, and having wild fun.
  4. SEND THOSE NAUGHTY TEXTS, WITH A SLIGHT SUGGESTIVE PICTURE. It works. I might be against nudes as a woman but if you trust your man you’re giving him a trophy if you send him lovely texts and enjoy the moment.

One of my favorite ways to spice up the bedroom is to change what I wear, or to tease the man. I have a bad habit of just being a tease. Don’t just tease. Again, go explore with him and you’ll see a new light to it. For my next post it will songwriter, and then a humanity post. Enjoy.


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