What makes students brilliant?
Bridgette Adu-Wadier

Funny enough I’m the kid that struggled in math. The one who “ can’t add numbers in her head no matter how hard I try.” I learned to accept the failure but to utilize what I do know to be able to surpass a grade of at east a C.

Our school system functions on the idea that passing a test is more important than retaining information. We don’t learn how to make a resume, or how to approach a job interview but are told that we need to know why the Earth split into several continents. Knowledge is power but how we use that power is just as important. I’m not a masterfully smart kid my teacher in fourth grade told me I could read at a high college level.

My math might be shotty she said but just work on rounding out the math and you should make it. She told me “ But don’t succumb to the whims of education.” Study but only enough where you know information that will be useful. I wish I followed her advice. Turns out I’m a great studier but I have a dream that the education system implanted to us as awful. Writing.

Anyways, Than you for a great read again. I do not know what its like to be a brilliant student but I do know that no matter the angle; at the top percent or at the bottom you get treated much the same. Your knowledge of subjects gets knocked, and people try to turn you down to boost themselves.

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