20 Things I Did In My 20’s
Tim Denning

Patience is a virtue — you can either full throttle into chaos or not rush and enjoy the ride as any day focused on your dream is a day not wasted.

In technicality https://medium.com/diary-of-fantastic-discoveries/we-are-humanists-99cba497f888?source=collection_detail----337e4e28f0dd-----10-----------

we are humanists learning values everyday. Only the shallow give in to their ego and no change is the worst change. If you leave for a promotion across country but leave everything behind does it mean your running? or Does it mean you believe that all of your problems stem from no money? I sorta dated a guy who just up and left at a job opportunity where he knew no one , and left his family — and everything behind because he thought money was where the heart is. I might still be bitter. But to be honest I never value money . I value experiences and love.

If you don’t have that you got nothing — also how do you do the call for action and subscribe?

Thank you for the wonderful read,

as a 24 year old this makes me have faith in what I do

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