I am a writer and I do alright, I earn a living (lol- not like Rowling or Meyers- who often sell…
Raymond Walker

Yes but all that luck came from a consistent effort. You kept trying.Luck is only a precedent from hard work. You kept pushing book after book. You may have broke from writing from to time but you kept up the work. I consider that consistent maybe not in the content of my post but if you aren’t making a consistent effort to at least write. You may never see a word on the page.

I do think that for some writing flows natural. Its like a beat. A drum in the back of our head and the words come naturally making it a quick process. But this habitual process comes from an effort or a discipline we have. Rewriting or editing is also a form of effort.

In the end all we have is effort. If you are not consistent with the effort there will be no improvement. The same can be said to someone who is not naturally math inclined like myself. I can’t memorize the time tables no matter how hard I try but if I repeat the problem a billion times it may get stuck in my head.

Consistency may not be for everyone. You are absolutely correct in that matter. But it is meant for some writers. Most of the time.

However, thank you for the read. I do understand why you disagree on consistency. Again its hard to rely on just luck now a days.

Thank you for the read and feedback. ❤ Much appreciated.