“One of the Good Guys”
Bridgette Adu-Wadier

Your post speaks so much truth. I see so many people at coffee shops that won’t tip their barista because “ they already pay enough for the coffee.” Then I see the people who tip and get mad when the coffee is wrong. I tend to look at this way people have this reward system that our society has pressured on us. You either get a reward for hard work and good endeavors rather than doing something nice just to do it.

I work at an arcade and we accept Gratuity but I don’t even think about tips. I see a kid twenty tickets away from a prize they want and I give them the tickets to get it because the smile on the kids face is more rewarding than expecting anything from the kid or the parents. I tipped an entire coffee shop a dollar each and never once got mad if I had to wait for my coffee. But being a good person and doing good things are two very opposite ideals. You cover that in your post really well.

Thank you for the great read. :)

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