New Year New Me. Yeah I know it’s cliche.

Just Do it.

Today marks a new year for us all. I know the “new year, new me” saying is quite cliche, but it’s the TRUTH, well for me that is. 2017 was a remarkable year because I gave birth to my first child, and 2018 as she approaches one next month I intend on getting myself in order.

I said my New Year resolution is to stop complaining, to actually make plans, and then to actually execute them. And with over 12 hour into the new year I can say I’m off to a great start. Then to dig a little deeper there are four areas that I’m setting out to improve on.

First, I want to begin to read my Bible more. I plan to go about it in the way fellow writer, Chris Bowler does it, which is by reading a book of the Bible 20 times. I plan to start with in the new testament in Matthew.

Second, I plan to start writing hence the blog. I’ve been spending years reading and now I think it’s time I begin writing. And writing seriously. I know I may suck in the beginning, but the only way to get better is with practice. So bare with me.

Third, I plan to start running. I absolutely hate running, or so I think. I’m an avid health person, but yet I’ve failed to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s changing starting today with my 1.72 mile run/walk, and oatmeal for breakfast this morning.

Lastly, I want to start presenting myself in a better light. I plan to start actually caring about what I look like. I’m not talking about wearing high heels and dresses everyday, but rather than wearing scrubs and a t-shirt out the house I plan to put on more dress worthy clothes.

So that pretty much wraps up my “new year, new me” spill. What do you intend to work on in the new year?

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