Last year, Panorama’s engineering team set out to choose a front-end framework. Before this endeavor, our applications were purely Ruby on Rails, using JavaScript only when necessary. We decided to move towards a front-end framework for a few reasons:

  • Robustness — We felt that our web applications, while usually consistent internally, felt fairly homegrown. We would prefer to build them in alignment with the broader javascript community’s practices.

In my first months as an engineer at Panorama, I eagerly looked for opportunities to bring prior experience in and have a big impact. I thought about the things my previous employers had done really well and how I could bring what I learned there to help make our engineering team better. What stuck out to me the most was that my last company had a really strong co-op/internship program, and we didn’t have one at Panorama yet.

In past experience, co-ops and interns were a great hiring pipeline for full-time engineers. Having students join a few times a year…

Jessica Sartin

Software engineer and leader. Somewhat cat obsessed. Lots of reading, occasional writing. She/her.

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