A Conversation With Resistance

Ah, my old friend resistance. The single most persuasive voice I’ve ever heard. You know all my secrets. All my fears, all those deepest of desires that it will break my heart to try & fail. Resistance knows just what to whisper, so it sounds…


to delay, keep thinking, hold back, try something safer, to quit altogether before the idea has even been hatched.

You can be oh so sly, sounding-like-common-sense-but-sneaking-in-back-door-doubts. Don’t bother trying. It probably won’t work out. I’ve never done it before. I’m not qualified or experienced. Haven’t got it all figured out.

Except what if I try anyway?

What if it does work out?

What if experience is gained in the act itself? The doing, the daring, the braving creative edges & risking being seen.

What if in leaping I learn that my fear of heights was an illusion? And I actually like the feeling of falling?

Falling face first into the unknown.
Open arms into gifts divinely bestowed.
Shouting out to the muse on the way down — this idea is worth it.
And so am I.
I’ll see it through.
I’ll give it a try.
Even if it doesn’t take off.

That’s okay.

Because while I was falling the strangest thing happened. I grew wings. And I learned a few things. And now I’m ready to fly.

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