Bravery Despite the Butterflies: For Every Woman Entrepreneur

I see you.

I see your caffeine-fueled hours spent hunched in front of your screen, scraping every last ounce of creativity from the insides of your skull to make your biz run. I see how driven you are to make your dreams succeed.

I see how the butterflies hurl themselves against the sides of your stomach & your heart beats wildly every time you…

present a new offer,
go live online,
hit send,
walk on that stage.

I see all of the self-doubt, the what-if’s, the fear of face-plants & the negative self-talk swirling through your head. Hands hovering above the keyboard searching for the perfect words, perfect image, that alchemical combination of elements.

I see your tears when the response to your work is…less than ideal. I see you duck behind inspirational quotes while you quietly question everything — especially yourself. I see the second-guessing, the paralysing “shoulds” & the temptation to dim your originality & imitate those your look up to. I hear your curse words when technology fails at critical moments.

I see you struggle to balance the siren call of your work with the life & relationships you cherish beyond its borders.

I see your sleepless nights
licking wounds,
rebuilding fragile egos,
redesigning new offers & dreaming up new plans while
anticipating the sunrise.


I see the light of determination in your eye as you gracefully gather yourself together, slap on a few band-aids & navigate your way over *yet another* obstacle.

I see your bravery as you expose your creations, your ideas, the vulnerable lessons you’ve learned to the same world that keeps knocking you down.

I see your joy as you bring your dreams to life. One day at a time. From scratch. Crafting them into something that’s undeniably you.

I see the awkward but jubilant happy dances & virtual high-fives when you…

land a dream client,
connect with a group of entrepreneurs who “get” what it’s like to be you,
actually, pay off the credit card (…for a day).

I see inspiration is more willing to visit you because of your tenacity, your moxie, your stubborn gladness. It makes YOU an excellent partner.

I see the hands you hold out to one another as you lift each other up, share your wisdom, share your talents, share your resources, share your shoulders so all women can rise together. Thank you.

I see the way you’re eager to learn more, to grow, to push all the boundaries & expand inside & out all in service of the vision your heart refuses to abandon.

I see your light, that bright soul within you that calls out ever more brightly every time you decide to…

listen to the whispers of your heart,
play with inspiration,
follow your curiosity,
& reach out in love.

All to create whatever beautiful, unique business it is, that most fulfills you.

I see you because I’m right there with you, learning to follow my heartlines one day at a time.

Listen to Heartlines from Florence + the Machine

This post is also inspired by the amazing connections I’ve made with women including my business bestie April, my Soul Sistas, the women of Squads & my Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends. Wherever you go in this world, surround yourself with people who inspire you!

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